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Richard A. Brualdi

Richard A. Brualdi

UWF Beckwith Bascom Professor of Mathematics (now emeritus), UW-Madison

A Milestone

Editor-in-Chief of the Linear Algebra and its Applications.

Editor-in-Chief of the Electronic Journal of Combinatorics.

Editor-in-Chief of Discrete Mathematics Letters.

Advisory Editor of the new journal Transactions on Combinatorics. To submit a paper one must first register in the Online Editorial System of TOC.

A Picture of me with 15 former (and current) PhD students who attended a conference in my honor at UW-Madison on April 30-May 1, 2005. Two pictures taken at the AMS-MAA joint meetings in Boston in January 2012 with 10 of my 37 former PhD students: HERE (Starting at the bottom of the stairs, in chronological order: T.S. Michael (1988), US Naval Academy, MD; Bryan Shader (1990), University of Wyoming, WY; Jennifer Quinn (1993), University of Washington, Tacoma, WA; Nancy Neudauer (1998), Pacific University, OR; Susan Hollingsworth (2006), Edgewood College, WI; Adam Berliner (2009), St. Olaf College, MN; Louis Deaett (2009), Quinnipiac University, CT; Michael Schroeder (2011), Marshall University, WV; Seth Meyer (2012), Kathleen Kiernan (2012).) and HERE.

Errata for 4th edition of Introductory Combinatorics

5th edition Now Available.

Errata for 5th edition of Introductory Combinatorics

Previous teaching schedules

My Running Results

New results 30 September 2019.

If you want to see me on top of an Elephant in Chiangmai, Thailand (with Lou Caccetta) click HERE .
If you want to see me on top of a camel in Sharjah, UAE, click HERE .
If you want so see me without a beard (as in the elephant photo), then click HERE . A recent photo in the 9th floor lounge of Van Vleck Hall is Right Here Here is a photo of some of those who have served as chairs of the Math Dept and some of its support staff . Photos from Mary Ellen Rudin's 75th birthday party: PHOTO 1 , PHOTO 2 , and PHOTO 3 . If you want to see some photos of me, taken by Brendan McKay at the 4th Shanghai Conference on Combinatorics (May 2002), click HERE , and HERE (with some mathematical grandchildren and mathematical granchildren-to-be), and HERE (a mathematical grandaughter-to-be). Some famous linear algebraists in Auburn in 1980. A picture of the three Brualdi Brothers .
A recent picture with Jose Dias da Silva, taken at the joing India/AMS meeting in Bangalore, India (December 2003) is HERE . A picture of some of the Electronic J. of Combinatorics editors taken at the 2004 combinatorics conference in Lake Taupo, New Zealand (Tank Aldred, Ian Wanless, Brendan McKay. Carsten Thomassen, and RAB). A picture of some of the Electronic J. of Combinatiorics editors taken at the ICTP/IPM workshop/conference in Trieste, Italy, September 2012 (Brendan McKay, Catherine Yan, Ian Wanless, RAB, Willem Haemers, Michael Krivelevich). And if you want to see me as a "hippie" in the 1970s, click HERE and in 1973, click HERE. A picture taken by Dominique Foata at a conference in Rome in 1973 is HERE in it are Dick Bruck, Paul Erdos, Paul Turan, Vera Sos, R.C. Bose, Rick Wilson, yours truly, ... .


Mathematics Department,
607 Van Vleck Hall,
University of Wisconsin,
480 Lincoln Drive Madison, Wisconsin 53706

Phone: 608-262-3298. Fax: 608-263-8891.
Email: brualdi at math dot wisc dot edu

If you have trouble accessing this page, contact me at the address above.

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The slides from my QR Presentation at the Quantitative Literacy Panel at the MAA/AMS Joint Meetings in Washington DC, January 21, 2000.


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