Logic Colloquium '07 (Wrocław, Poland, July 14-19, 2007):
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Saturday, July 14:

Topic Set Theory Proof Theory Computable Model Theory Modal Logic
Room/Chair GW/P. Larson
SW/Kohlenbach CS-222/Lempp CS-223/Visser
17:00-17:15 Natasha Dobrinen (Vienna):
On the Consistency Strength of the Tree Property at the Double Successor of a Measurable Cardinal
Joost Joosten (Amsterdam):
Interpretability in PRA
Alexander Gavryushkin (Novosibirsk):
Computable Models Spectra of Ehrenfeucht Theories
Tomasz Skura (Zielona Góra):
Finite Reduction Trees in Modal Logic
17:20-17:35 Andrew Brooke-Taylor (Vienna):
Definable Well-ordering, the GCH, and Large Cardinals
Ryan Young (Leipzig):
Asymmetric Systems of Natural Deduction
Andrey Frolov (Kazan):
Δ0n-categorical linear orderings
Mikhail Sheremet (London):
A Modal Logic of Metric Spaces
17:40-17:55 Franqui Cárdenas (Bogotá):
A Forcing Extension of a (ω2,1) Simplified Morasses With No (ω2,1) Simplified Morasses With Linear Limits Using an Unfoldable Cardinal
Elliott Spoors (Leeds):
Provably Recursive Functions in Extensions of a Predicative Arithmetic
Alexandra Revenko (Novosibirsk):
Automatic Linear Orders
Zofia Kostrzycka (Opole):
On Formulas in One Variable and Logics Determined by Wheel Frames in NEXT(KTB)

Sunday, July 15:

Topic Intuitionistic Logic Set Theory Randomness/
Complexity Theory
Room/Chair GE/Restall GW/Andretta
17:00-17:15 Konrad Zdanowski (Warsaw):
On the Second Order Intuitionistic Propositional Logic Without Universal Quantifier
Benjamin Claverie (Münster):
Changing u2 by Stationary Set Preserving Forcing
Peter Cholak (Notre Dame):
Strong Jump-traceability I : The Computably Enumerable Case
17:20-17:35 Tomasz Połacik (Katowice):
Back and Forth Between Kripke Structures
Ioanna Dimitriou (Bonn):
Equiconsistency of Choiceless Higher Chang Conjectures with One Erdős Cardinal
Steffen Lempp (Madison):
Separating Notions of Randomness
17:40-17:55 Dariusz Surowik (Białystok):
A New Axiomatization of IKt System
Hiroaki Minami (Kobe):
Around Splitting And Reaping Number For Partitions of ω
Leszek Kołodziejczyk (Warsaw):
The Polynomial and Linear Time Hierarchies in Weak Arithmetic
18:00-18:15 Jack Stecher (Bergen):
Intuitionism and Repeated Games
Barbara Majcher-Ivanov (Wrocław):
Nice Topologies of Polish G-spaces and Admissible Sets
James Worthington (Cornell):
Automatic Proof Generation in Kleene Algebra with Tests
18:20-18:35 Marina Stukacheva (Novosibirsk):
On Models of Paraconsistent Analogue of the Scott Logic
Teruyuki Yorioka (Shizuoka):
Fragments of Martin's Axiom Related to the Rectangle Refining Property
Satoru Kuroda (Gunma):
Bounded Arithmetic and LOGCFL:
18:40-18:55 Michael O'Connor (Cornell):
The Order-Theoretic Structure of Free Heyting Algebras
Luca Motto Ros (Torino):
General Reducibilities for Sets of Reals
Sam Sanders (Ghent):
What If Computers Could Count to Infinity?

Monday, July 16:

Topic Philosophical Logic Model Theory Logic in Computer Science
Room/Chair GW/Antonelli
18:00-18:15 Michal Peliš (Prague):
Epistemic Logic and Questions
Martin Koerwien (Paris 7):
Complexity of Isomorphism for Countable Models of Omega-stable Theories
Maria Bulińska (Olsztyn):
Computational Complexity of NL1 with Assumptions
18:20-18:35 Luis Adrian Urtubey (Córdoba, Arg.):
An Analysis of Some Basic Philosophical Thesis about Non-deductive Inference in the Framework of CHC Models
Alexey Muranov (Lyon):
Interpretability of the Arithmetic in Certain Finitely Presented Groups
Aleksandra Kiślak-Malinowska (Olsztyn):
Pregroups: Their Logic and Applications for Natural Languages
18:40-18:55 Jacek Waldmajer (Opole):
Logical Theory of Structures
Kerkko Luosto (Helsinki):
Unary Quantifiers and Built-in Successor
Heinrich Wansing (Dresden):
Harmonious Many-valued Propositional Logics  and the Logic of Computer Networks

Wednesday, July 18:

Topic Fuzzy Logic Set Theory Model Theory Computability Other Logics
Room/Chair GE/Pudlák
17:00-17:15 Petr Hájek (Prague):
Complexity of Fuzzy Predicate Logics with Witnessed Semantics
Philipp Schlicht (Münster):
Thin Projective Equivalence Relations and Inner Models
Nicolas Guzy (Mons-Hainaut):
Towards a Notion of p-adic Closure for a Ring
Thomas Kent (Siena):
Non-splitting Enumeration Degrees
Achim Blumensath (Darmstadt):
Simple Monadic Theories
17:20-17:35 Ondrej Majer (Prague):
Probabilistic Representation of Fuzzy Logics
Heike Mildenberger (Vienna):
There May Be Infinitely Many Coherence Classes under u<d
Immanuel Halupczok (ENS Paris):
Motivic Measure for Pseudo-finite Like Fields
Serikzhan Badaev (Almaty):
Completion of Numberings
Satoshi Matsuoka (Tsukuba):
MLL Proof Nets as Error-correcting Codes
17:40-17:55 Libor Běhounek (Prague):
Multiplicative Quantifiers in Fuzzy and Substructural Logics
Denis Saveliev (Moscow):
On Cardinals in Set Theory Without Choice and Regularity
Assaf Hasson (Oxford):
On Uncountably Categorical Approximations and Gromov-Hausdorff Limits
James Hunter (Madison):
Higher-Order Reverse Topology
Gemma Robles (Salamanca):
Relevance Logics and Intuitionistic Negation
18:00-18:15 Petr Cintula (Prague):
Structural Completeness For Fuzzy Logics
Robert Owen (Madison):
Outer Models, Class Forcing, and Weakly Self-defining Classes
Ikuo Yoneda (Tokai):
CM-triviality and Geometric Elimination of Imaginaries
Ilnur Batyrshin (Kazan):
The Algebraic Structure of Quasi-degrees
Horacio Faas (Córdoba, Arg.):
Logical Inferences and Visualization
18:20-18:35 Urszula Wybraniec-Skardowska (Chorzów):
On Vague Sets and Vague Logic
Robert Lubarsky (Florida Atlantic):
Signed-bit Representations of Real Numbers and the Constructive Stone-Yosida Theorem
Koichiro Ikeda (Hosei):
A Remark on a Characterization of Non-forking in Generic Structures
Alexey Stukachev (Novosibirsk):
On Ershov Semilattices of Degrees of Σ-definability of Structures
Cyrus Nourani:
Positive Realizability Morphisms and Tarski Models