Math 704: Spring 2001

Methods of Applied Mathematics-2

Fabian Waleffe

Day  Time  Place 
TR  9:30-10:45pm B305 Van Vleck Hall

Kelvin's ship wave pattern

(From "Why are special functions special?" Physics Today, Apr 2001)

Photo by Ensign John Gay, US Navy, somewhere over the Pacific between Hawaii and Japan, July 7, 1999.

BOOM!: An example of transition from ELLIPTIC to HYPERBOLIC PDEs

Take Home exam #1 Due 9:30 am Thur Feb 22, 2001

Take Home exam #2 Due 9:30 am Thur Apr 12, 2001

Exam #2 SOLUTIONS Thur Apr 26, 2001

Take Home exam #3 Due 11:11 am Fri May 11, 2001


Fourier transform, series and discrete Fourier transform



This is basically a course on partial differential equations taught from an applied mathematics view point. We'll look briefly at where the equations come from and discuss their validity and limitations. We'll look at the properties and methods of solutions of various types of equations, both linear and nonlinear. The methods will be mostly analytical but we'll also look at asymptotic techniques. There will be little discussion of numerical methods (for that see e.g. CS/Math 712, 713). Students should have had a course on differential equations ( e.g. Math 319) and, ideally, one on partial differential equations ( e.g. Math 322). A basic knowledge of general physics (especially mechanics, thermodynamics and electromagnetism) is expected.

We'll cover Chapters 2 and 3 in Zauderer pretty completely and sample the rest of the book.


Two in-class exams, at least two take-homes. NO FINAL.

Office hours: by appointment.