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Course Math 461 Course title: College Geometry.

Instructor J. Robbin

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My office hours for the fall semester of 2005 are 3:30 Monday, 9:00 Wednesday, 10:00 Friday (or by appointment).

The final exam will be Thursday, December 22, at 7:45 AM.

Syllabus and Homework.

Text: No text is required, but the following are good sources:
I. M. Isaacs: Geometry for College Students, Brooks/Cole;
H. S. Coxeter and S. L. Greitzer: Geometry Revisted, reissued by MAA;
G. A. Jennings: Modern Geometry with Applications, Springer Universitext.

A crude summary of the lectures which will be updated from time to time.

A proof(?) that every triangle is isosceles.

Another proof(?) that every triangle is isosceles.

A proof(?) that every angle is a right angle.

A proof of Simson's Theorem.

You can cut up a triangle and rearrange the pieces to make one of larger area! (Click Here)