Prof. Robbin's 542 Home Page: Spring 2001

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Look at the syllabus (Adobe Acrobat).
IMPORTANT: The final exam will be on -----

(Most of the following files are pdf files. You can read and/or print them if you have the Acrobat Reader. This is a program which can be a Netscape plugin and which comes with WiscWorld. The postscript (ps) files work better if your computer can handle them. The tex source file is also provided.)

Here are the notes which will be distributed in class: (Acrobat Reader), (PostScript), (TeX).
Here are some sample exam questions: (Acrobat Reader), (PostScript), (TeX).
Here are some sample final exam questions: (Acrobat Reader), (PostScript), (TeX).
Here is the outline for the term paper: (Acrobat Reader), (PostScript), (TeX).