Joey Yu LUO

Department of Mathematics
University of Wisconsin - Madison

About Me

My official name is Yu LUO, "Yu" should be pronunced as "Yü", but feel free to call me Joey.
I'm a third year graduate student, my advisors is Michael Rapoport. Before moved to Madison, I finished my undergraduate in Zhejiang University.
I'm interested in arithmetic algebraic geometry, with the main focus on the moduli problems and Shimura varieties.
Here is my Curriculum Vitae, my OCRID. Contact: yluo237 at wisc dot edu


  • On the moduli description of ramified unitary Local models of signature (n-1,1): preprint.


  • In 2024 Spring, I'm the organizer of "Gross-Zaiger" reading seminar.
  • From 2022 Spring to now, I'm the co-ogranizor of Madison's Graduate Algebraic Geometry Seminar.


    Mingfeng Chen, Shiyi He, Jiaqi Hou, Zhiyu Zhang.


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