About the Conference

This is a workshop on arithmetic geometry, a hybrid of number theory and algebraic geometry. The goals of this conference include providing graduate students opportunities to give talks, increasing interaction between number theory and algebraic geometry research groups, and strengthening networks for mathematicians from underrepresented groups. All events will be held in Van Vleck Hall (VV) located at 480 Lincoln Drive.

Plenary Speakers

Abbey Bourdon, Wake Forest University
Edray Goins, Purdue University
Wei Ho, University of Michigan
Rachel Pries, Colorado State University
John Voight, Dartmouth College

Organizers and Contact Info

Rachel Davis (rachel.davis@wisc.edu)
Wanlin Li (wanlin@math.wisc.edu)
Melanie Matchett Wood (mmwood@math.wisc.edu)


University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Mathematics
IAS Women and Mathematics Charles and Lisa Simonyi 2018 Ambassador Program
The NSF Algebraic Geometry, Applied Algebra, and Number Theory Research Training Grant
Graduate school Funds Melanie Matchett Wood
NSF Grant AAA2717

This conference is in Cooperation with the Association for Women in Mathematics and supports the Non-Discrimination Statement of AWM .