Hans Schneider    

J. J. Sylvester Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

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A Personal History

Last Words

   Department of Mathematics
   University of Wisconsin - Madison
   Van Vleck Hall
   480 Lincoln Drive
   Madison, Wisconsin 53706
   email: hans@math.wisc.edu
   homepage: http://www.math.wisc.edu/~hans
   office:      (608) 262-1402
   home:        (608) 833-6567
   office fax:  (608) 263-8891
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My most recent graduate student (Ph.D July 2000) is Olga Holtz . Click photo for a picture of Olga and me taken in Berlin in November 2002.
Click LAA for LAA special issues and the referee's evaluation form. Click Science Direct for many Elsevier journals including all papers published in LAA since its inception in 1968 .
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For a short (and altogether too laudatory) biography published by ELA (Preface to vol.3), click Text-file or PS-file. For other views consult ??. For a light-hearted account see short bio.
For the event that in all probability is the fundament of my mathematics, see 17.10.50, accompanied by a grainy photo of A.C.Aitken probably taken in 1948.
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My page on Helmut Wielandt
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