Thomas G. J. Chandler

Thomas G. J. Chandler

Van Vleck Visiting Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics
University of Wisconsin–Madison

Office: 607 Van Vleck Hall
Email: tgchandler[at]wisc[dot]edu

About me

I am an Applied Mathematician currently working as a Van Vleck Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. I specialize in the application of asymptotics to physically-inspired mathematical problems. My research interests cover a wide range of physical mathematics, including fluid dynamics, solid mechanics, and mathematical geophysics. More generally, I am fascinated by the mathematics behind observable phenomena, both small day-to-day principles and large-scale challenges for which a mathematical approach is needed. My current postdoctoral research concerns the interaction of liquid crystals with soft matter, which I am working on with Prof. Saverio Spagnolie.

Prior to joining UW–Madison, I did my undergraduate degree (MMath) and DPhil in the Oxford Centre of Industrial and Applied Mathematics in the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford. For my PhD, I researched the mechanics of thin elastic materials and the interaction with soft matter, under the supervision of Prof. Dominic Vella. In particular, I consider three projects: the indentaton of suspended elastic sheets, the deformation of thin elastic foundations, and the morpho-mechanics of pressurized cellular structures. Further information of my work can be found here.

I will be teaching MATH 320(!) during the Fall 2021 semester and MATH 322 during the Spring 2022 semester. My teaching schedule and teaching resources will be available here and can be found on Canvas (for UW–Madison students only).