Research interests
I am a computability theorist interested in all areas of computability theory, effective mathematics and logic in general. Enumeration reducibility and the structure of the enumeration degrees hold a central place in my research. I particularly enjoy questions and results about first order definability.
Previous affiliations
2008-2017 Associate Professor
Department of Mathematical Logic and its Applications
Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics
Sofia University

2012-2014 Visiting Scholar
Department of Mathematics
University of California at Berkeley

2005-2008 Marie Curie Research Fellow
Logic group
School of Mathematics
University of Leeds
Since 2009:Steering committee for The Workshop on Computability Theory series.
Since 2012: Steering committee for Computability in Europe Conference Series.
Since 2016:CiE Special Interest Group Women in Computability.
Since 2021:Coordinator for the Women in Computability Mentorship Programme.
Since 2017:Council of the Association CiE.
Since 2017:Executive committee of the Association CiE.
2018-2020:Council of the ASL.
Editorial Work
Member of the editorial board of the journal Transactions of the American Mathematical Society since 2020.
Member of the editorial board of the journal Archive for Mathematical Logic since 2018.
Member of the editorial board of the journal Mathematical Logic Quarterly 2015-2019.
The Incomputable: Journeys Beyond the Turing Barrier, Springer International Publishing AG, ISBN 978-3-319-43667-8 (2017).
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9136, “Evolving Computability”, 11th Conference on Computability in Europe Proceedings, Springer (2015).
Collected works of Ivan Soskov, Sofia University Press (2014). Please email me if you would like to get a copy and take a look at the cover .
Journal of Logic Computation 23(6) , Special Issue: The Incomputable, an Isaac Newton Institute Workshop, S. Barry Cooper and Mariya I. Soskova, guest eds (2013).
2008PhD at University of Leeds under the supervision of Prof. S. Barry Cooper.
2005 Master in Mathemathics at Sofia University, "Mathematical Logic and algorithms".
2004Bachelor in Computer Science at Sofia University, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics.