Scribing Instructions

Each student is expected to scribe one lecture. Instructions follow.

  • Sign-up sheet is here (you must use your Wisc account to access it). Sign up early. Pick your date based on your other constraints and not based on topic. Topics may well change. If you decide to drop the course before your scribe date, inform the instructor as soon as possible.

  • Scribing has to be done in LaTeX. You must use the following template. For some examples of what scribe notes look like, see e.g. here (from which the template was borrowed).

  • A first draft of your scribe notes is due 72 hours after the lecture (at the latest). Submissions must be via a BOX link that will be provided by the instructor and include a compiled PDF, the LaTeX source, and whatever figures are needed. Try to make your first draft as polished as possible, although the instructor may request further changes.

  • The notes will be posted on the course website. They are meant to be a detailed record of what was done in class; do not copy-paste the textbooks. The notes serve two purposes: (i) they provide information to your fellow classmates, and (ii) they help you improve your writing skills and familiarize yourself with LaTeX if need be.