Brief CV

Academic Positions
associate professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2019-
assistant professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2015-2019
von Karman instructor, California Institute of Technology, 2013-2015. Mentor: Prof. Thomas Y. Hou

Ph.D. in Applied Math, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2013. Advisor: Prof. Shi Jin
B.S. in Physics and Mathematics, Tsinghua University (China), 2009. Advisor: Prof. Lei Guo

Honor & Awards
Scholarship for Academic Excellence, Tsinghua, 2005-2006
Sohu Fellowship, Tsinghua, 2007-2008
Meritorious Award in International Mathematical Contest of Modeling, 2008
Microsoft Young Fellow, Microsoft, 2008
First Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, Tsinghua, 2008
Honorable Housing Teaching Award, UW-Madison, 2011
Excellence in Research Award, UW-Madison, 2012
Vilas Travel funds, UW-Madison, 2013
AWM-NSF Travel grant, 2014
SIAM Travel Award, 2015
NSF 1619778, 2017-2019
NSF CAREER Award 1750488, 2018-2022
Vilas Early Career Investigator, 2017-2020
Simons fellow, 2022 spring, visiting Cambridge

Graduated PhD Students
Di Fang (UC Berkeley)
Ke Chen (UT-Austin)
Kit Newton (Diablo Valley College)
Xiao Hou

Editor board
Communications in Mathematical Sciences, 2019-
Research in the Mathematical Sciences, 2020-
SIAM -- Numerical Analysis, 2020-
SIAM -- Multiscale Modeling and Simulation, 2020-

Visiting positions
2022 spring, visiting Cambridge University
2013 Feb - May, Visiting CSCAMM, Maryland University
2012 Feb - May, Visiting Shanghai Jiao Tong University
2012 May 28-July 23 Visiting Prof. Lorenzo Pareschi, University of Ferrara

Invited conferences talks (since 2019):
2023 Jun 11, Foundations of Numerical PDEs, FoCM, Paris, France
2022 Nov 6, Recent Progress in kinetic and integro-Differential equations, Banff, Canada
2022 Oct 23, New ideas in computational inverse problems, Banff, Canada
2022 Jun 20, XVIII International Conference on Hyperbolic Problems: Theory, Numerics, Applications, Malaga, Spain
2022 May 16, Computational Uncertainty Quantification: Mathematical Foundations, Methodology and Data, Erwin Schrödinger International Institute, Vienna
2022 spring, semester program, Frontiers in kinetic theory: connection microscopic to macroscopic scales, Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge
2022 April 11, Model Reduction in quantum mechanics, IPAM, UCLA
2022 Mar 21, virtual, Mini-symposium on ``Uncertainty quantification and diffusion driven tomography", SIAM-Imaging
2022 Mar 14, virtual, Mini-symposium on ``Deriving kinetic models by solving inverse problems", SIAM-PDE
2021 Oct 23, virtual, Mini-symposium on ``Recent advances in inverse problems for PDEs", fall western sectional AMS
2021 Sep 27, Sampling algorithms and geometries on probability distributions, Simon Institute, Berkeley
2021 Apr 11, hybrid, Modeling Phenomena from nature by hyperbolic PDEs, Oberwolfach
2020 Sept 10, virtual, Institute for Foundation of data science, kick off meeting
2020 Aug 24, moved to 2021 Aug 24 online, Inverse problems and nonlinearity, Helsinki, Finland
--> 2019 Dec 15, Statistical Mechanics Conference, the 122nd, Rutgers University
2019 Jul 15, Mini-symposium on ``Numerical methods for kinetic and mean-field equations", ICIAM, Valencia, Spain
2019 May 20, Inverse Problems, Imaging and PDEs, IAS, Univ of Science and Technology of Hongkong
2019 May 16, Asymptotic methods and numerical approximations of multi-scale evolutional problems and uncertainty quantification, ENS-Rennes, France
2019 Jan 18, Mini-symposium on ``Recent advances in Inverse Problems and Imaging", Joint Mathematics Meetings, Baltimore

Short courses:
2021 Oct 25-29, virtual, Kinetic and mean-field problems: theory, numerics, applications, University of Ferrara, Modena and Reggio Emilia and Parma
2021 Jun 28-Jul11, virtual, Summer school on kinetic theory and related applications, Beijing Computational Science Research cernter

Invited seminars (since 2018):
2021 Nov 10, virtual, One-world Machine Learning seminar series
2021 Sept 24, virtual, Computational math colloquium, Michigan State University
2021 Jun 2, virtual, Institute of Computational Math, Chinese Academy of Science
2021 May 5, virtual, Gradient flow seminar, UCLA-USC
2021 Apr 16, virtual, Hyperbolic seminar, University of Wurzburg
2021 Mar 19, virtual, colloquium, Michigan Tech University
2021 Mar 2, virtual, applied math seminar, UMass - Amherst
2020 Sept 28, virtual, SCAN (scientific computing), Cornell
2020 Sept 21, virtual, Applied math seminar, Purdue University
2020 Aug 20, virtual, DSI COVID-19 Research group seminar, UW-Madison
2020 Feb 27, Oden seminar, UT-Austin
2019 Apr 4, Math colloquium, Dartmouth college
2019 Apr 1, Atmospheric and Oceanic Science colloquium, UW-Madison
2019 Mar 25, Applied and PDE seminar, Univ of Minnesota
2019 Mar 21, Applied Math seminar, UC-Berkeley
2019 Mar 20, Applied Math seminar, Stanford University
2019 Jan 17, colloquium, Duke University
2018 Oct 15, PDE and applied math seminar, UIC
2018 May 16, Inverse problem seminar, UW-Seattle
2018 Apr 5, Probability seminar, UW-Madison
2018 Apr 2, Computational Math Seminar, Purdue University
2018 Feb 16, Computational Math Seminar, University of South Carolina

Conference and mini-symposium organized (since 2018):
2021 Jun 21-25, Recent development in numerical kinetic theory, UW-Madison, virtual
2021 Jul 19, Mini-symposium on ``Uncertainty quantification strategies for data-drived, large scale problems", SIAM-annual
2021 Apr 11-17, Modeling phenomena from nature by hyperbolic PDE, Oberwolfach
2019 Oct25-27 Workshop: Forward and inverse problems in kinetic theory, UW-Madison
2019 Sept 28-29 Workshop: Recent progress in analytical aspects of kinetic equations and related fluid models, UW-Madison
2019 Sept 14-15 AMS sectional meeting, Midwest session,UW-Madison
2019 Sept 14 Mini-symposium on ``Uncertainty quantification strategies for physics applications", AMS sectional meeting, UW-Madison
2019 Jul 15 Mini-symposium on ``Recent advances in kinetic computation: forward and inverse problems", 9th ICIAM, Valencia, Spain
2019 Apr 29-May 3, Workshop: Mathematics in Optical Imaging, IMA, UMN
2019 Apr 19-21 Mini-workshop: Applied kinetic theory for junior researchers, UW-Madison
2018 Oct 2, Kinetic mini-workshop, UW-Madison

fall 2011, organizer, GPS applied seminar
2011-2012, organizer, WIMAW