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I am a mathematics teacher (teaching faculty / pre-calculus coordinator, CV) at University of Wisconsin - Madison who originally trained as a mathematician but has evolved the focus towards mathematics education as a specialized field of study (Ph.D. in Mathematics with a specialization in Math Education, 2011 Michigan State University). My primary focus is on the teaching and learning of mathematics at all grade levels (4K-16) and beyond, as I am deeply passionate about helping all learners grasp the concepts and principles of this fascinating subject. I am also a certified secondary mathematics teacher in South Korea and in the state of Wisconsin.


My teaching expertise covers a broad spectrum of undergraduate mathematics and mathematics education courses, catering to learners at various levels. These courses encompass Mathematics for Elementary and SecondaryTeachers, History of Mathematics, College Algebra, Trigonometry, Precalculus, Abstract Algebra, Calculus, Real and Complex Analysis, Geometry (Axiomatic and Differential), Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Discrete Mathematics, Combinatorics, Probability and Statistics, Technology in Mathematics Education, as well as Elementary, Middle and High School Mathematics.

Currently, I'm teaching:

Math 96 Preparatory Algebra
Math 473 History of Mathematicss
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My research interests in mathematics education span a diverse range of topics, including the study of representations and semiotic registers, conceptual understanding, the integration of mathematics and science, advanced mathematical thinking, embodied cognition, and mathematical knowledge for teaching. These areas are the driving force behind my passion for elevating mathematics education and formulating impactful teaching and learning strategies. I believe that research in these areas has the potential to make a significant contribution to mathematics education. By understanding how students learn mathematics, we can develop more effective instructional strategies that will help all students succeed in mathematics.
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