CS/ECE/Math 729, Information Theory - Fall 2018

Nigel Boston

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3619 Engineering Hall, 303 Van Vleck

Telephone: 265-3817, 263-4753.

E-mail: boston@engr.wisc.edu


Course Syllabus

Office Hours: M 3-4 in 3619 EH, W 2-3 in 3619 EH, or Th 1:30-2:30 in 303 VV, or by appointment.


Elements of Information Theory, Second Edition, by Thomas M. Cover and Joy A. Thomas, available free online through Wiley Online Library.

Interesting Links

  • Ed Witten on Information Theory
  • Probability distributions and maximum entropy
  • Course objectives

    Definition of measures of information and their properties, capacity of discrete and continuous channels with noise, source and channel coding theorems, fundamentals of channel coding, noiseless source coding, and source coding with a fidelity criterion. Enroll Info: ECE 331 or Math 431 or cons inst


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