3. (with Y. Yu) A course on weak KAM theory first draft.

2. Hamilton--Jacobi Equations: Theory and Applications, AMS Graduate Studies in Mathematics, Volume 213, ISBN 9781470465117, 1470465116, 2021 AMS bookstore, Amazon.


Here is a preliminary version third draft.

1. (with Nam Q. Le, H. Mitake) Dynamical and Geometric Aspects of Hamilton-Jacobi and Linearized Monge-Ampere Equations, Springer Lecture Notes in Mathematics, vol. 2183, 2017, vii + 228. link

A version (12/2016) of the second part on ``Dynamical properties of Hamilton--Jacobi equations via the nonlinear adjoint method: Large time behavior and Discounted approximation" of Mitake and myself can be found here pdf.