Lecture notes

2. Hamilton--Jacobi equations: theory and applications, AMS Graduate Studies in Mathematics third draft.

Note that the published version will be a bit different from my third draft. Earlier versions with a slightly different name are as following.

Hamilton--Jacobi equations: viscosity solutions and applications.
First draft: April 2019.
Second draft: this version will be updated regularly over the summer of 2019.

1. (with H. Mitake) Dynamical properties of Hamilton-Jacobi equations via the nonlinear adjoint method: Large time behavior and Discounted approximation, pdf (updated version, 12/2016), Springer Lecture Notes in Mathematics.


1. Notes and Remarks, by Son Nguyen Thai Tu and Son Phung Truong Van, on an introductory course on periodic homogenization of Hamilton-Jacobi equations that I gave in Summer 2015.

2. A note on weak convergence method, by Doanh Pham.

3. Fixed points method and applications to ODEs and PDEs, by Daotong Ge.