Homepage of Caroline Nunn

I am a Ph.D. student in math at University of Wisconsin-Madison. During my first two years of graduate school, I have worked closely with Autumn Kent and Brian Lawrence. I was an undergraduate student at the University of Maryland from 2020-22, where I worked with Lawrence C. Washington. My CV is here.

I am interested in geometry, algebra, and number theory.

Contact: cnunn at wisc dot edu


  1. The density of elliptic Dedekind sums (with N. Berkopec, J. Branch, R. Heikkinen, and T.A. Wong), Acta Arithmetica 205:1 (2022) 33-40 (journal | arXiv).
  2. A proof of a generalization of Niven's theorem using algebraic number theory, Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Mathematics Journal 22:2 (2021), Article 3 (journal).


Spring 2024
Math 234 (Calculus III) Sections 305 and 306 (Teaching Assistant)
Fall 2023
Math 222 (Calculus II) Sections 304 and 307 (Teaching Assistant)
Summer 2023
Math 234 (Calculus III) Section 302 (Teaching Assistant)
Spring 2023
Math 222 (Calculus II) Sections 304 and 305 (Teaching Assistant)
Fall 2022
Math 221 (Calculus I) Sections 369 and 370 (Teaching Assistant)
Spring 2022
Math 141 (Calculus II) Section 0531 (Teaching Assistant)
Fall 2021
Math 140 (Calculus I) Section 0223 (Teaching Assistant)


A list of conferences and other events I have attended. You may have met me at one of these.

I also was a participant in two Preliminary Arizona Winter Schools (Spring 2021 and Fall 2022).