How to pronounce my name: it rhymes with "candy".

I am a sixth year PhD candidate at University of Wisconsin, Madison. My advisors are Tullia Dymarz and Caglar Uyanik. Starting Fall 2024, I will be a Lovett Instructor at Rice University.

Main personality traits: I'm from California, I'm addicted to bubble tea, and I'm always in search of a pool partner (I only shoot 8-ball though).

Research Interests

I am broadly interested in the intersection of geometric group theory, low dimensional topology, and dynamics. I have thought about marked length spectrum, topological, and QI rigidity. I mostly work on problems concerning right-angled Coxeter groups and quotients of their classifying spaces, such as surface amalgams. I'm always in search of collaborators- let me know if you're interested!


You can reach me by email at yandi (dot) wu (at) wisc (dot) edu.