Yunus Tuncbilek

Hi, I'm Yunus, a math graduate student at University of Wisconsin, Madison. I am in the second year of the Ph.D. program. I have not decided on a research topic yet.

My university email is

Before moving to Madison, I was at Yale University between 2014 and 2019. During the first four of those five years, I got my Bachelor of Science in computer science and mathematics. Then I did a post-baccalaureate year to work with Yale economists Costas Arkolakis and Fabian Eckert, with whom I created a model for predicting coffee demand in NYC. In the same year, I worked with School of Management Professor Peter Schott and Fabian to test whether the Census Bureau was randomizing enough of its data to hide the private information of American companies. Before those research projects, I worked at Yale's Social Robotics Lab and did a study abroad program in Berlin.

I am a native of Istanbul.