Thomas G. J. Chandler

Thomas G. J. Chandler

Van Vleck Visiting Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics
University of Wisconsin–Madison

Office: 607 Van Vleck Hall
Email: tgchandler[at]wisc[dot]edu

About Me

I am an Applied Mathematician working as a Van Vleck Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. I specialize in the application of asymptotics to physically-inspired mathematical problems. My research interests cover a wide range of physical mathematics, including fluid dynamics, solid mechanics, and mathematical geophysics. More generally, I am fascinated by the mathematics behind observable phenomena, both small day-to-day principles and large-scale challenges for which a mathematical approach is needed. My current postdoctoral research concerns the interaction of liquid crystals with soft matter, which I am working on with Prof. Saverio Spagnolie.

Before joining UW–Madison, I did my undergraduate degree (MMath) and DPhil in the Oxford Centre of Industrial and Applied Mathematics in the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford. For my PhD, I researched the mechanics of thin elastic materials and their interaction with soft matter, under the supervision of Prof. Dominic Vella. In particular, I consider three projects: the indentation of suspended elastic sheets, the deformation of thin elastic foundations, and the morpho-mechanics of pressurized cellular structures. Further information on my work can be found here.

During the Spring 2024 semester, I will be teaching Math 320(!): Linear Algebra and Differential Equations. My teaching schedule and resources will be available here and can be found on Canvas (for UW–Madison students only).