Free subscriptions to the
"Journal of Symbolic Logic"
and the
"Bulletin of Symbolic Logic"

The Association for Symbolic Logic (ASL) is an international professional society dedicated to the development of logic all over the world.

To this end, the ASL offers university libraries in the non-EU countries of the former Soviet Union and some Eastern European countries free subscriptions to its scientific journals, the "Journal of Symbolic Logic" and the "Bulletin of Symbolic Logic".

In order to receive these journals, please write to me the address of your library, either">by email, or by postal mail to the following address:

Prof. Steffen Lempp
Department of Mathematics
University of Wisconsin
480 Lincoln Drive
Madison, WI 53706-1325 USA

Currently, these journals are being received free by the following libraries:

In Russia:

Ivanovo (Ivanovo State University)
Kaliningrad (Baltic Federal University)
Krasnoyarsk (Siberian Federal University)
Ulyanovsk (Ulyanovsk State University)

In other countries of the former Soviet Union:

Almaty / Alma-Ata (Kazakh National University)
Astana (Eurasian National University)
Qaraghandy / Karaganda (Karagandy State University)
Tblisi (Georgian National Academy of Sciences)
Toshkent / Tashkent (National University of Uzbekistan)

In other Eastern European countries:

Belgrade, Serbia (University of Belgrade)
Bucharest, Romania (University of Bucharest)
Novi Sad, Serbia (University of Novi Sad)
Sofia, Bulgaria (Sofia University)

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