Prof. Daniel Shea

Ph.D., 1965, Syracuse University
Professor Emeritus
Department of Mathematics

Selected Publications

Some best constant inequalities of -type
(with M Essen, C S Stanton), Inequalities and Applications, World Scientific Series in Applicable Analysis 3 (1994), 233-239.

On the set where a meromorphic function is large,
Complex Analysis and its Applications, C C Yang et al., eds., Pittman Research Notes 305 (1993), 95-106.

A convolution inequality with applications to function theory II
(with M Essen, J Rossi), J Analyse Math, 61 (1993), 339-366.

An extremal property of entire functions with positive zeros
(with A Weitsman), Rev Mat Iberoamericana 5 (1989), 37-46.

Minimum modulus theorems for meromorphic functions at Polya peaks,
Complex Variables: Theory and Application 13 (1989), 67-73.

Research Interests

Functions of a Complex Variable, Potential Theory, Integral Equations

Graduated Students

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