2019 Fall: Graduate student seminar (921)

Co-organised with Betsy Stovall

(Orders of presentations ar e tentative. )

  1. Week One: Organisational meeting.
  2. Week Two: No Talks.
  3. Week Three: Franky Li.
    Tao, Vargas and Vega: A bilinear approach to the restriction and Kakeya conjectures, Journal of the American Mathematical Society, 1998.
  4. Week Four+Five: Rajula Srivastava and Lingxiao Zhang.
    Tao: A sharp bilinear restriction estimate for paraboloids, Geometric and Functional Analysis GAFA, 2003.
  5. Week Six+Seven (10.9.2019+10.16.2019): Benjamin Bruce and Michel Alexis.
    Tao: Endpoint bilinear restriction theorems for the cone, and some sharp null form estimates, Mathematische Zeitschrift, 2001 .
  6. Week Eight (10.23.2019): Dominique Kemp (IU Bloomington).
  7. Week Nine (10.30.2019) (joint talk): Jeremy Schwend and Jiwoong Jang.
    Lee, Bilinear restriction estimates for surfaces with curvatures of different signs, Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, 2006.
  8. Week Ten: Changkeun Oh (11.6.2019).
    Ramos: A trilinear restriction estimate with sharp dependence on transversality, American Journal of Mathematics, 2018.
  9. Week Ten(11.7.2019): Michael Spoerl.
    S Buschenhenke, D Müller, A Vargas: A Fourier restriction theorem for a perturbed hyperboloid, arXiv:1803.02711, 2018.
  10. Week Eleven (11.13.2019): Analysis group seminar.
  11. Week Twelve (11.20.2019): Geoffrey Bentsen.
    Lee and Vargas: Restriction estimates for some surfaces with vanishing curvatures, Journal of Functional Analysis, 2010.
  12. Week Twelve(11.21.2019): Liding Yao.
    Begout and Vargas: Mass concentration phenomena for the $L^2$-critical nonlinear Schrödinger equation, Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, 2007.
  13. Week Thirteen: Thanksgiving break.
  14. Week Fourteen: Bingyang Hu.
    Candy: Multi-scale bilinear restriction estimates for general phases, Mathematische Annalen, 2017.
  15. Week Fifteen: Jordan Radke.
    Lee and Vargas: Sharp null form estimates for the wave equation, Amer. J. Math. 2008.