Post-doctoral visitors

Márton Balázs 2003-2006. Reader at University of Bristol, UK.

Jonathon Peterson 2008-2009. Tenured associate professor at Purdue University.

Gregorio Moreno Flores 2010-2013. Assistant professor at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Wai-Tong (Louis) Fan 2015-2018. Tenure-track assistant professor at Indiana University, Bloomington.

Xiaoqin Guo 2017-2018.

Current graduate students

Dae Han Kang

Xiao Shen

Past students

James Hegeman, MA 2007. First position at Epic Systems. LinkedIn profile.

Mathew Joseph, PhD 2009. First position at University of Utah. Currently Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore.

Rohini Kumar, PhD 2009. First position at University of California-Santa Barbara. Curretly tenured associate professor at Wayne State University.

Nicos Georgiou, PhD 2011. First position at University of Utah. Currently senior lecturer, University of Sussex, UK.

Hao Lin, PhD 2011. First position in logistics analysis at Currently data scientist at Uber. LinkedIn profile.

Yun Zhai, PhD 2015 (Statistics). First position as Senior Consultant at Ernst&Young. LinkedIn profile.

Elnur Emrah, PhD 2016. First position at Carnegie Mellon University.

Christian Noack, PhD 2018. First position at Cornell University.