Analysis seminar, Spring 1996

Stephen Wainger: Singular integrals on hypersurfaces.
Franc Forstneric: Analytic disks with boundaries in totally real manifolds.
Bassam Shayya: A class of strongly singular integral operators
Walter Trebels: On bounded linear operators for Gegenbauer expansions
X. Gong: Unimodular invariants of totally real tori in C^n.
Francois Treves: Boundary values of cohomology classes
G. Buzzard
Michael Cowling: Invariants for von Neumann algebras and integral operators with oscillatory kernels,
Allan Greenleaf: Local and nonlocal inversion formulas in integral geometry (colloquium)
Yong-Geun Oh: Structure of the image of (pseudo)-holomorphic discs with totally real boundary conditions.
Terence Tao: Weak type endpoint bounds for Riesz means


Albert Baernstein, Febr 23.
Francois Treves , March 28.
Allan Greenleaf May 3.

Schedule for the 1996 IMA summer school in harmonic analysis:

Robert Fefferman, June 10-14. Multiparameter harmonic analysis.

Tom Wolff, June 17-21. Geometric questions in L^p harmonic analysis.

Carlos Kenig, June 24-28. Oscillatory integrals and nonlinear dispersive equations.

Eli Stein, July 1-5. Discrete analogues of classical operators in harmonic analysis.