Analysis seminar, Fall 1995

July 31, 1995
Detlef Mueller: On spectral multipliers for a solvable Lie group.
September 12, 1995
Anthony Carbery: Pointwise convergence and localisation for multiple Fourier integrals.
September 19, 1995
Joaquim Ortega: Zero sets for holomorphic functions in the bidisc.
September 26, 1995
Franc Forstneric: Complex lines in C^2 with hyperbolic complement.
October 3, 1995
Joaquim Ortega: Interpolation and sampling sequences.
October 10, 1995
Takis Souganidis: Stability of solutions to the hyperbolic system of isentropic gas dynamics.
October 17, 1995
Peter Ebenfelt: The Segre sets and applications I; the algebraic mapping problem for real algebraic sets.
October 19, 1995
Peter Ebenfelt: The Segre sets and applications II; infinitesimal CR automorphisms.
October 24, 1995
Michael Christ: Degenerate diffusions and global irregularity.
Colloquium, October 27, 1995
Michael Christ: Global (ir)regularity for the complex Neumann problem and related partial differential equations.
October 31, 1995
Jean-Pierre Rosay: Pulling complex lines apart.
November 14, 1995
Jim Kuelbs: Metric entropy of certain sets of functions and Gaussian measures.
November 21, 1995
Dashan Fan: Singular integral operators with rough kernels.
December 5, 1995
Amos Nevo: Lie groups and pointwise ergodic theory.
December 7, 1995
Alex Iosevich: L^p-L^q bounds for averaging operators associated to hypersurfaces given as graphs of homogeneous functions.
December 12, 1995
Jim Wright: A class of singular integral operators along variable lines in the plane.