Pictures from the Crowe family gallery: Click on any of the small images below to see the picture at full size (and with much greater clarity!).

Donald in 1942, Lincoln, Nebraska: pic1.JPG (79816 bytes)

Donald's Parents, Vera and Lawrence Crowe: pic2.JPG (110919 bytes) 

At the departmental retirement party, with daughter Zannah and Josh Chover: pic3.JPG (128796 bytes)

At the departmental retirement party, with Anatole Beck:  pic4.JPG (71472 bytes)

At the Richland Center UW-College: pic5.JPG (159862 bytes)

Lashing rafters in Tonga, 1990: pic6.JPG (132590 bytes)

At a dig in Ghana, 1979: pic7.JPG (185242 bytes)

Rien and Donald Coxeter, June 1991: pic8.JPG (139360 bytes)

Don with students and other friends at the 1997 celebration of 100 years of pic9.JPG (189715 bytes)
Math PhD's at Wisconsin.

On Ayres Rock, 1989: pic10.JPG (178157 bytes)

At the Material Culture Unit of James Cook University, 1989: pic12.JPG (94597 bytes)

With grandchildren Amanda, Alex, and Landon, and dog Ole, 1998: pic11.JPG (114648 bytes)


At Rainy Lake cabin, 1980: pic13.JPG (147207 bytes)

Christmas, 1985, with Zannah, Helen, and Laila:  pic15.JPG (195650 bytes)

November, 1979: pic16.JPG (110433 bytes)

Fiftieth birthday, with Steve and Karen Bauman: pic17.JPG (107530 bytes)

Summer, 1996, with Landon: pic18.JPG (84414 bytes)

Summer, 1992, with Steve Bauman: pic19.JPG (129266 bytes)

San Diego, January 1995, with Mary and sons Brendan and Colin: pic20.JPG (103667 bytes)

Cancun, January 1993: pic21.JPG (226070 bytes)

Don with Dorothy Washburn, conference at SUNY-Albany in1992: d1.JPG (46348 bytes)

Several pictures at the Symmetry Workshop in Madison, 1999:

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