A Conference in Honor of Donald W. Crowe

May 4-7, 2000

Donald W. Crowe has spent over 40 years popularizing, researching and teaching the many facets of geometry, especially aspects of geometry related to symmetry. The purpose of this conference is to honor his efforts by providing a forum to discuss new trends and developments in the study of geometry and symmetry.

In addition to talks by invited speakers, conference attendees will have the opportunity to give expository and survey talks (varied-length time slots will be available) related to the themes of the conference. There will also be ample time for attendees to interact on an informal basis. Attendees are encouraged to bring along models for display in the Model Room.

Invited speakers:

H.S.M. Coxeter (University of Toronto): Isohedra With Rhombic Or Rectangular Faces

Chandler Davis (University of Toronto): Wavelet Systems Which Respect Symmetry Groups

Greg Frederickson (Purdue University): Geometric Dissections That Swing And Twist

Solomon Garfunkel (COMAP) (Banquet speaker)

Sue Whitesides (McGill University): Geometry in Motion: a Survey of Linkage Movement Problems

Link to Contributed Papers:

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May 4, 2000 - May 7, 2000


University of Wisconsin (Madison)


Amir Assadi (University of Wisconsin)
Steven Bauman (University of Wisconsin)
Joseph Malkevitch (York College(CUNY))
Dorothy Washburn (Maryland Institute, College of Art)
Robert Wilson (University of Wisconsin)


National Science Foundation, EHR-Division of Undergraduate Education
Algebra Caucus of the University of Wisconsin Mathematics Department
Mathematics Department Colloquium Fund

Preliminary Schedule:

Thursday, May 4:

Evening Reception

Friday, May 5:

    Invited Talk
    Contributed Papers
    Invited Talk
    Contributed Papers
Evening free

Saturday, May 6:

    Invited Talk
    Contributed Papers
    Invited Talk
    Contributed Papers
Evening: Banquet (Solomon Garfunkel, Banquet Speaker)

Sunday, May 7:

    Contributed Papers
    The Conference will end at Noon.

Registration Fee:
    $ 60 (Includes the cost of attending the banquet. Faculty and students of
            UW-Madison are welcome to attend sessions without registering.)
Fee for Banquet only:
    $ 25 (For UW-Madison faculty and students.)
For Registration Form, click here. Registration must be received by April 22.
30 rooms have been reserved for participants in the Crowe Conference at two locations on campus:
The Friedrick Center at 1950 Willow Drive charges $52 for a single and $62 for a double.
    This includes a continental breakfast.  All rooms have a private bath.
The Union South at 227 North Randall Ave. has rooms for $60 with a queen bed and
    private bath. Breakfast is separate at a restaurant in the Union.
Make your reservations directly.  Call the Friedrich Center at 608-231-1341 or the Union South at 608-263-2600.  You must make your reservations a month in advance. 
After April 4 the blocks of rooms held at these two centers for this conference will be released. Note that this deadline comes before the deadline for receipt of registration for the conference.
Contributing Papers:
Contributed papers (length up to 30 minutes) dealing with the areas of symmetry, intuitive geometry, polyhedra, tilings, finite geometry, visualization, convexity, discrete geometry, graph theory, geometric games, etc. are welcomed. To schedule a contributed paper, please contact Joseph Malkevitch (joeyc@cunyvm.cuny.edu or 718-262-2251 (voicemail, if no one answers)) with proposed title and abstract, and proposed day and time length, guided by the schedule above. Contributed papers may be scheduled in parallel sessions as time allows.
Models, Photographs, Toys, etc.:
A room will be available for displaying physical models, geometrical toys, origami, books or photographs of geometric objects and phenomena which can be displayed for the benefit of those who attend the conference.
Click here for the Crowe Family Photo Gallery:
(A collection of pictures of Don, family members, and mathematical colleagues in various places around the world...)
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