Math 341, Section 002
MWF 7:45-8:35, Van Vleck B223
Instructor: Robert Grizzard
Office: Van Vleck 413
Office hours: Tuesdays 10-11AM, Thursdays 1-2PM, and by appointment

Course syllabus

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Weekly reading and written homework

Some useful things
Notes on Gaussian elimination
Notes on the inverse of a matrix
Some pictures of eigenvectors and eigenspaces

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Worksheets, etc. from class:
1/26/15: Worksheet 1: Vector spaces and subspaces (.tex file) -- solutions (.tex file)
2/6/15: Worskeet 2: Bases, etc. (.tex file) -- solutions (.tex file)
2/13/15: Worksheet 3: spans and linear transformations (.tex file) -- solutions (.tex file) (coming soon)
2/27/15: Worksheet 4: Gaussian elimination (.tex file) -- solutions
3/13/15: Solutions for exam 1
3/27/15: Worksheet 5: Determinants (.tex file)
4/17/15: Worksheet 6: Eigenvalues, eigenvectors, and diagonalization (.tex file)
5/4/15: Worksheet 7: Inner products (.tex file) (solutions)