Job Interview 1968

An amusing bit of ancient history.

Richard Randell (Ph.D. UW Madison 1973, student of Peter Orlik) recently found a document in his office with my name on it. He passed it on to his University of Iowa colleague Vic Camillo, who forwarded it to me. It is a UW Mathematics Department colloquium and seminar announcement for the week of December 12 - 18, 1968 (Thursday to Wednesday). I assume that my colloquium talk here on Tuesday, December 17, 1968 was in fact my job interview. It is interesting to speculate as to who attended the various algebra seminars at that time. My guesses (with help) are:

Number Theory - Mike Bleicher, Hiroshi Gunji, Arnie Johnson, Marvin Knopp, Don McQuillan and Rod Smart
Group Theory - Steve Bauman
Loop Theory - Dick Bruck
Ordered Groups - Charles Holland
Ring Theory - Larry Levy, Marshall Osborn, Roger Wiegand and Frank Sandomierski (Sylvia Wiegand spoke that week)
Algebraic Geometry - Some graduate students trying to learn the material from Lang's book (Roger and Sylvia Wiegand also attended at times)

Richard Brualdi and Hans Schneider presumably took the week off.

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