1. I am the leading author of two articles in Elsevier's Reference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences. These articles aim at explaining scientific concepts to the public and general audience using plain language. The contents belong to my research --- the interdisciplinary area between applied mathematics and atmosphere and ocean science.

El Niño and the Southern Oscillation: Theory, with Sulian Thual and Malte F Stuecker.

El Niño and the Southern Oscillation: Observation, with Sulian Thual and Shineng Hu.

2. I participle in the Wisconsin Science and Computing Emerging Research Stars (WISCERS) program, which is an undergraduate mentorship program that specifically helps support students from historically underrepresented groups in computing.

3. I gave a lecture at UW Advance Data Analytics and Informatics in January 2021 and will give a series of lecture in July 2021.

What is "UW Advance Data Analytics and Informatics"? It is a three-week opportunity for undergraduate students to get a glimpse into the academic programs at UW-Madison. You can engage in interdisciplinary applications of data in various fields such as biostatistics, medicine, software development and gaming. More information can be found here:

UW Advance Data Analytics and Informatics – Visiting International Student Program- Noncredit – UW–Madison (wisc.edu)

My talk on January 2021 was "Big Data in Mathematics and Climate Science".


4. I mentor undergrad students for research during the semesters and in summer time every year. In addition to the reserach itself, you will present your research work at UW undergrad symposium (either oral talk or poster).

Last year (2020), one of my undergrad students Diya Yang got the Sophmore Research Fellowship for her summer research with me on the topic "A New Optimal Control Approach for Complex Nonlinear Turbulent Dynamical Systems". Congratulations!


5. Every semester, I open a reading or indpendent study course for up to two undergrads who are interested in applied math, data science, or climate science. If you want to take the course (possibly one or two credits), please feel free to contact me.


6. I acted as a judge for the Outstanding Student Paper Award (OSPA) program at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) fall meetings in years 2016, 2017 and 2019 and will continue this service. I was also a mentor of Career and Research Advice Mentorship (CRAM) program at AGU.

What is OSPA?
The OSPA is an education program. It provides student presenters (both poster and oral) at AGU meetings the opportunity to receive critical feedback about their research and presentation skills. Presentations are reviewed and scored entirely by volunteer judges.

7. I am involved in Madison Experimental Mathematics Lab (MXM Lab)  to enhance and support undergraduate research within the Department of Mathematics and the University of Wisconsin, and in line with the Wisconsin Idea, to support departmental efforts to engage local, state and national communities through outreach.