Applied Algebra Days 2 Schedule of Talks

May 9-11, 2014

University of Wisconsin, Madison

The Friday talks will be in 901 and B239 Van Vleck. The Saturday talks will be in the 3rd floor Teaching Lab of WID. The Sunday talks will be in B231 Van Vleck.

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The abstracts.

Friday, May 9

11-12 (901 Van Vleck) Boaz Nadler, Vectorial phase retrieval for 1-D signals and 2-D images

4-5 (B239 Van Vleck) Rachel Ward, Sampling theorems for efficient dimensionality reduction and sparse recovery

5:30-7 Informal beer on the Memorial Union Terrace

7:00 On your own for dinner.

Saturday, May 10

All in WID, 3rd Floor Teaching Lab- take elevator behind Aldo's coffee shop.

9-9:30 Coffee, snacks

9:30-10:30 Judy Walker, Beyond algebraic geometry codes: algebraic geometry in coding theory

10:30-10:50 Katie Morrison, Irreducible Cyclic Orbit Codes

10:50-11:10 Break

11:10-11:30 Ting-Ting Nan, Repairing the Four-Atom Conjecture

11:30-11:50 Hamza Fawzi, Convex lower bounds for nonnegative rank and atomic rank functions

11:50-12:10 James Saunderson, Spectrahedral representations of the convex hull of SO(n)

12:10-12:30 Onur Ozyesil, Camera Motion Estimation by Convex Program ming

12:30-2 Lunch break

2-3 Amit Singer, Ab-initio three-dimensional structure determination of molecules from cryo-EM

3-3:20 Deepti Pachauri, Solving the multi-way matching problem by per mutation synchronization

3:20-3:40 Piotr Zwiernik, Tensors of nonnegative rank two

3:40-4 Jose Rodriguez, Numerical Algebraic Geometry for Maximum Likelihood Estimation

4-4:30 Coffee, snacks

4:30-5:30 Caroline Uhler, Real algebraic geometry meets causal inference

5:30-5:50 (cancelled) Patrik Noren, Geometry meets Causal Inference

Sunday, May 11

All in B231 Van Vleck.

8:30-9 Coffee, snacks

9-10 Dick Blahut, Euclid, Berlekamp-Massey, Buchberger, and Sakata

10-10:20 Andrew Bridy, State Complexity of Algebraic Power Series over Finite Fields

10:20-10:40 Tyson Williams, Siegel's Theorem, edge coloring, and a Holant dichotomy

10:40-11 Break

11-12 Babak Hassibi, Entropy Vectors, Gauss, Cayley and Projective Linear Groups

12-12:20 Christian Senger, Prefactor Reduction of the Guruswami--Sudan Interpolation Step