Math 217 - Spring 2003

Nigel Boston

Contact Information

303 Van Vleck Hall.

Telephone: 263-4753.



Office Hours: T 4-5:30, W 1:30-3, or by appointment. For now this will be in 303 VV; to be moved to a larger room if demand is sufficient.


Midterms and Final

Regarding the Final

Grading Scheme

Text Books


About the Course

Sources of Help

  1. Math Lab: Free drop-in help from math teaching assistants is avialable in B227 VV Mon-Thurs 3:30-5:10 and 6:30-8:10 (pm).
  2. GUTS: Greater University Tutorial Services - Free peer tutoring is offered on a one-on-one small group basis at drop-in centers (Gordon Commons, Helen C. White Library, Kronshage Hall, Union South, and Wendt Library. The GUTS office located in room 303 Union South (263-5666) and they should have a schedule and an exam file.
  3. Math Tutorial Program: Free small group tutoring is offered for students who are in danger of earning a D or F, for students who have not had a math course in several years, or for students who are retaking the course. Students who enroll in the tutorial program should expect to commit substantial time and effort to the course. Instructors refer students who then contact the Director, David Camacho (321 VV).
  4. Private Tutors: The receptionist on the 2nd floor of VV has a list of private tutors.

Homework Assignments

Practice Problems