Micky Steinberg

Graduate Student
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Department of Mathematics
Office: Van Vleck 718
email: micky (at) math.wisc.edu

About me

I am a graduate student interested in geometric group theory. My advisor is Tullia Dymarz.


At UW-Madison, I have taught Math 112 (College Algebra), Math 221 (Calc I) and Math 222 (Calc II). I have been the main instructor or lead TA (TA Coordinator) for each of these. I tutor all levels of math; you can email me for more information.


Quals at UW


I have detailed notes from the Algebra SEP taught by Evan Dummit in 2014. This includes worked out solutions to many old Algebra qual problems. There may be many mistakes.

Algebraic Topology

I have solutions written out to many old qual problems. Some of the solutions are my own, some are from SEP, and some are from working with other students. I couldn't possibly give credit to everyone involved. There may be many mistakes.