This is Nicolaas (Nico). He is 13 but looks like 16+. A very nice fellow, even though he does not like to admit it. (No, we don’t have twins.)
Victoria (Vicky): She is 8 and indomitable. Fun loving and full of energy, it will serve her well later on in her life, but for the time being she makes our life very complicated.
Some group pictures: Nico, Vicky and their cousin Carlitos, and Vicky and I.
Sigurd: my husband, in his hometown of Haarlem, in the Netherlands. And his official self.
Pictures of my family...
... and of my favorite places
The Mediterranean sea in Malaga (they are the views from my parents balconies)
The Alhambra in Granada: The view from el Mirador de San Nicolas
Its best knows area, el Patio de los Leones.