Gloria Marí Beffa

Professor of Mathematics
Associate Dean for the Natural, Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Interim Associate Dean for Research
College of Letters and Science
Mathematics Department
Madison, WI 53706
(608) 263-1634

Email to: maribeff(at)

Education: Ph.D., Mathematics, 1991,
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities .


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Recent Publications

with their files

What is a Lattice Wm algebra?,
with Anton Izosimov, submitted.

Integrable evolutions of twisted polygons in centro-affine Rm,
with Annalisa Calini, International Mathematics Research Notices, V 2022, 6, March 2022, 4318-4375.

Discrete moving frames on lattice varieties and lattice based multispaces,
with E. Mansfield, Foundations of Computational Mathematics, 18(1), 181-247 (2018).

The pentagram map on Grassmannians
with Raul Felipe, Annales de l'Institut Fourier, Volume 69 (2019) no. 1, p. 421-456.

Research Interests

Geometrical aspects of infinite dimensional and discrete Integrable systems; ; Pentagram and associated maps; Discrete moving frames and invariants; Poisson geometry; Adler-Gel'fand-Dikii brackets; Differential Invariants and Invariant Differential and difference evolutions, specially their relationship with infinite and discrete Hamiltonians; Moving frames and discrete moving frames, and applications; Projective and parabolic Geometry; Applications to image processing; Mathematics and applications in general.

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