About me

My name is Michel Alexis (pronounced ME-SHELL). Starting July 2021, I will be a postdoc at McMaster University, under Eric Sawyer. My research interests are in Harmonic Analysis. in particular the theory of Muckenhoupt weights, and Orthogonal Polynomials on the Unit Circle. I received my PhD in Mathematics from the Univeristy of Wisconsin—Madison, under Sergey Denisov.

Here is my CV.

Email: [First 3 letters of first name][Last name].math@gmail.com (e.g. Larry David --> lardavid.math@gmail.com).


  1. The Steklov problem for Krein Systems generated by a Muckenhoupt weight
    In preparation
  2. Continuity of Weighted Operators, Muckenhoupt A_p weights and Steklov Problem for Orthogonal Polynomials (with A. Aptekarev and S. Denisov)
    ArXiv Preprint, published in IMRN 2020
  3. The Steklov problem for Orthogonal Polynomials on the Unit Circle and Krein Systems generated by an $A_2$ weight (Thesis)
    Link to Come, submitted to ProQuest 2021; content overlaps with the two papers just above.