Algebra and Trigonometry Test

I'm sorry, but this requires Java to run.

This test consists of fifty true/false questions. In order to pass, you must get all fifty correct. When you do pass, you will receive a codeword as evidence of your success. It is very unlikely anyone else will get the same codeword as you. I have a list of all valid codewords.

The test should take 10-15 minutes if you pass on your first try. Feel free to guess, if you like. Because, Lucky, if you don't know any algebra, you've got a much better chance of winning the lottery. Twice in a row.


(1) Multiplication is always denoted by juxtaposition. 3 ( 2 ) equals 6.

(2) "equals" means "ALWAYS equals", for any values of the variables.

(3) "implies" means "ALWAYS implies", for any values of the variables.

(4) SQRT() means square root.

(5) >= means greater or equal to; <= means less than or equal to.

Last bugfix 9/10/98. For more information about this program, click here.