204 -- that's the number of steps you will walk up if you start on B3 in the South stairwell in Van Vleck Hall and walk all the way up to the ninth floor.

Current Records

For inclusion in this list of current records, please send your time, name, age, and the date you accomplished your feat to John Heim. For now, we'll be doing this on the honor system.


1. 0:58Connor Simpson2019-01-10
2. 1:14Saverio Spagnolie2019-01-11
3. 1:44Shane Hubler2010-01-29
4. 1:56Chris Uhlir2014-01-12
5. 1:59Okash Khawaja2016-11-23
6. 2:02John Heim2010-02-01
7. 2:15John Heim2010-01-21

20-25 Age Group

1. 0:58Connor Simpson2019-01-10
2. 1:59Okash Khawaja2016-11-23

30-39 Age Group

1. 1:14Saverio Spagnolie2019-01-11

40-49 Age Group

1. 1:44Shane Hubler2010-01-29
2. 1:56Chris Uhlir2014-01-12

50-59 Age Group

1. 2:02John Heim2010-02-01
2. 2:15John Heim2010-01-21