Some talks

Periodic homogenization of Hamilton-Jacobi equations: some recent progress, Colloquium at Indiana University pdf.

Video of my Colloquium at University of Pennsylvania.

Coagulation-Fragmentation equations with multiplicative coagulation kernel and constant fragmentation kernel, IPAM Workshop III: Mean Field Games and Applications, pdf, and video of the talk link.

Optimal rate of convergence in periodic homogenization of Hamilton-Jacobi equations -- Weak KAM 2018 - Rio 2018 ICM Satellite Conference pdf.
A newer version with some new results given at CNA seminar, CMU, Jan 2020 pdf, and video of the talk link.

Crystal growth (Large time behavior of level-set mean curvature flow equations with driving and source terms), AMS sectional meeting 2019 pdf.

Min-max formulas for nonconvex effective Hamiltonians and application to stochastic homogenization (long version at LMS-EPSRC Durham Research Symposia 2018 pdf, a video of my talk link), (shorter version at AMS meeting pdf).

Video of my talk at Banff on inverse problems in periodic homogenization of Hamilton-Jacobi equations (paper 20) link.
See this extended abstract (pages 29-35, 41st Sapporo Symposium on PDEs) for some results in paper 20 and further questions link, pdf.

Video lectures for Math 807 - A course on weak KAM theory (weak Kolmogorov-Arnold-Moser theory).

Video lectures for Optimal control theory and Hamilton-Jacobi equations (in Vietnamese).