Lecture notes

3. (with Y. Yu) A course on weak KAM theory first draft.

2. Hamilton--Jacobi equations: Theory and Applications, AMS Graduate Studies in Mathematics third draft.

Note that the published version will be a bit different from my third draft. Earlier versions with a slightly different name are as following.

Hamilton--Jacobi equations: viscosity solutions and applications.
First draft: April 2019.
Second draft: this version will be updated regularly over the summer of 2019.

1. (with H. Mitake) Dynamical properties of Hamilton-Jacobi equations via the nonlinear adjoint method: Large time behavior and Discounted approximation, pdf (updated version, 12/2016), Springer Lecture Notes in Mathematics.


1. Lecture notes for Math 821: a topic course on viscosity solutions, handwritten notes by Hieu Nguyen.
First-order Hamilton-Jacobi equations Part 1, Part 2.
Fully nonlinear elliptic/parabolic equations Part 3, Part 4.
Level set mean curvature flow PDE Part 5.

2. Lecture notes for Math 807, a course on weak KAM theory, typed up by Son Tu pdf.

3. Notes and Remarks, by Son Nguyen Thai Tu and Son Phung Truong Van, on an introductory course on periodic homogenization of Hamilton-Jacobi equations that I gave in Summer 2015.

4. A note on weak convergence method, by Doanh Pham.

5. Fixed points method and applications to ODEs and PDEs, by Daotong Ge.