Math 321 - Fall 2010
Advanced Calculus for the Physical Sciences

Day Time Place
T-R 11:00-12:15 Psychology 121

Prereq: Elementary Multi-variable calculus, locally known at UW as Math 221, 222 and Math 234.

Office hours: Catch me right after class if you have a quick question. Otherwise in my office 819 Van Vleck, Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:30-1:30 (be aware that I might still be discussing things in the classroom ). If you are registered in the class you can send e-mail to about technical questions. Everyone in the class will receive a copy and this is often helpful to other students, just like it is usually helpful to many others when someone asks questions in class. Don't be afraid to answer the questions if you can.

TA: Peng Qi . Peng gives, grades, solves and posts quizzes.

Grade: 3 exams worth 20% each, some of which may be in the EVENING, and a FINAL on Tuesday Dec. 21, 5:05-7:05pm (40%). Quizzes will be given in optional discussions and can count up to 10% of your grade (with other exams weight reduced proportionately).

Textbook: none required. See notes posted on the Math 321 home page . You are expected to study the notes, Exams will ask `theory' questions that will require you to have read and understood the notes. This course focuses on understanding not regurgitating.


Exam 1 (20%) Thursday Oct 7, 11:00-12:15.   Grade distribution

Exam 2 (20%) Thursday Nov 11, 11:00-12:15.   Grade distribution Cosine(E1,E2) = 0.96.

Exam 3 (20%) Thursday Dec. 9, 11:00-12:15.   Grade distribution Cosine(E1,E3) = 0.96, Cosine(E2,E3) = 0.92.

Final Exam (40%) Tue. Dec 21, 5:05-7:05pm in Van Vleck B239