Math 321 - Fall 2005
Advanced Calculus for the Physical Sciences

Day Time Place
TR 11:00am-12:15 B203 Van Vleck

Prereq: Math 234, which requires Math 222, which requires Math 221, which requires...

Office hours: Thursdays 3-4pm, Friday 10-11am in 819 Van Vleck, or by appointment.

Sending an e-mail that you will come is highly recommended since I teach in both Math and Engr and am often `floating' somewhere in between. Some Thursdays will conflict with Math Dept meetings or Midwest Mechanics Seminars, in which case my office hours will be cancelled for those days.

Textbook NONE!


Exam 1 Tuesday Oct 11, 11:00-12:15, 113 Psychology (Southwest corner of University and Charter) Exam 1 GRADES

Exam 2 Tuesday Nov 22, 113 Psychology Exam 2 GRADES

Final Exam Tuesday Dec 20, 12:15pm in B239 Van Vleck No exceptions!!