Math 319: Spring 2000

Lecture 7: Waleffe

Day  Time  Place 
TR  1:00-2:15pm B139 Van Vleck Hall

Office hours: TR: 2:15-3:15pm in VV 819.


Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems, Boyce and DiPrima, 6th Edition, Required.

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Do you know the university policy on academic honesty? If not, check it out at the site provided by the Dean of Students. It is YOUR responsibility to follow university policies. Student dishonesty is troublesome for your classmates, your instructor, and for you. It is in everybody's best interests that you work with integrity.
(I must admit that this line was stolen from the Chem 108 page...)

Homework: (10% of total grade) Problems will be suggested weekly (posted on this page). You are encouraged to work on those in groups, helping each other out. You will have to hand in a subset of those problems written exquisitely and stapled . Presentation will be a factor. Expect several of the suggested problems (not just those you have to hand in) to find their way onto the exams. Some of the homework will involve the use of MATLAB. Prior experience with MATLAB is not required. MATLAB HELP FILES .

Exams :

Cumulative exam grade distribution


  1. Introduction: definition of an ODE, basic problems (IVP and BVP), examples
  2. First Order ODEs (1.5 weeks)
  3. More on First Order ODEs (1.5-2 weeks)
  4. Second Order Linear ODEs with Constant Coefficients (1.5-2 weeks)
  5. The Laplace Transform (2 weeks)
  6. First Order Systems (1.5-2 weeks)
  7. Two Dimensional Systems and the Phase Plane (2-3 weeks)
  8. Boundary Value Problems (2-3 weeks)
  9. More on Systems (time permitting)
  10. Series Methods (time permitting)