Free-Slip Plane Couette Flow steady state data:

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For the following data see Physical Review Letters 81, 19, 4140:

For alpha=0.5, gamma=1.5, Re=160, upper branch solution with nx=64, ny=41, nz=64.

Fortran order (i.e. do z, do y, do x).
x is streamwise, y is wall-normal and z spanwise.
Field is sampled at x=0 to (nx-1) Lx/nx likewise for z. Sampled uniformly from -1 to 1 (included) in y. (this old data was computed using a Fourier expansion, no need for Chebyshev for free-free boundary conditions so all you need to work with this is a triply periodic code).

Example: To reproduce Fig. 4a in Phys. Rev. Lett. 81 using matlab:

>> load PCF.u.dat
>> u=reshape(PCF,64,41,64);
>> xzcut=reshape(u(:,21,:),64,64);
>> contourf(xzcut)

Other Raw Free-free Couette data (alpha=0.5, gamma=1.5)
  • FFC.13.25.13.a.5.g1.5.Rsn.out
  • FFC.13.25.13.a.5.g1.5.R280.LB.out
  • FFC.13.25.13.a.5.g1.5.R402.LB.out