Differential Geometry
VAN HISE 595, 2:30 - 3:45 PM, TuTh

Official Syllabus

Professor: Tullia Dymarz
Office: Van Vleck 509
Email: dymarz@math.wisc.edu
Website: http://www.math.wisc.edu/~dymarz/765-2019/
Office hours: Tuesday 4-5pm or by appointment

- Riemannian Geometry by Sylvestre Gallot, Dominique Hulin, Jacques Lafontaine
Note: pdf version from library will be available to students.

-First two weeks: Brian Street will lecture on Differentiable Manifolds - Chapter 0 (i.e. Math 761 review)
-Core topics: Chapter 1 - Riemannian metrics, Chapter 2 - Curvature.
-Final topic: large scale geometry (time permitting we'll explore some related topics from large scale geometry in non-positive curvature.)


- 100% Final (oral exam)

Homework: I will assign optional homework assignments throughout the semester.

Important dates. See the registrar's web page for drop deadlines etc.