Math 376 - Multi-Variable Calculus & Linear Algebra
VAN HISE 494, 9:30 - 10:45 PM, TTh


Professor: Tullia Dymarz
Office: Van Vleck 509
Office hours: After class or Tuesday 4pm-5pm or by appointment

Prerequisites: Math 375
Course description:
Textbook: Calculus Vol 2 - Apostol Part 2


- 20% Midterm 1 (Tuesday February 28, 2017, In class)
- 20% Midterm 2 (Thursday April 13, 2017, In class)
- 35% Final (May 8, 2017, Monday 14:45-16:45)
- 25% Section grade (Homework due in Section Mondays)

Section TA: Will Mitchell
Office Van Vleck 520

Homework: I will assign homework every week and it will be due in section on Monday. You are encouraged to work on homework problems in groups but each assignment must be written up individually.

Important dates: See the registrar's web page for drop deadlines etc.

Course Content:

Differential calculus of scalar and vector valued functions: Scalar and vector functions, Limits and continuity, The derivative as a linear transformation, Partial derivatives, The gradient, The chain rule, Implicit differentiation

Application of the differential calculus: Maxima, minima and saddle points, Lagrange multipliers

Multiple integrals: Partitions of rectangles and integrals of step functions, Upper and lower multiple integrals, Evaluation of multiple integrals, Cavalieri's principle, Geometric interpretations and examples, Changes of variables, Substitution rule with examples, Polar coordinates

Line integrals: Curves and arclength, Paths and line integrals, Independence of parametrizations, Line integrals with respect to arclength, Integrability conditions, Potentials, Green's Theorem in the plane

Surface integrals and vector analysis: Parametric representation of surfaces, Vector products and normals, Surface integrals, Divergence and curl, Integral theorems by Stokes and Gauss

More Math! See to find out about the directed reading program.

So you think you might want to be a math major. Check out the math major requirements. The math major is very flexible, for example for an option 1 major you only need 6 math classes beyond Math 375 while under the option 2 math major you only need 5 math classes more and 4 classes in an area of application (more details here). The page also describes an honors math and an applied math degree. If you are thinking of going to graduate school then you should plan your degree so that you have a chance to take one or more graduate classes by the end of your degree.