Tullia Dymarz
Associate Professor
509 Van Vleck Hall
Department of Mathematics
University of Wisconsin, Madison

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My research interests include geometric group theory, especially quasi-isometric rigidity, large scale geometry of finitely generated groups, metric geometry of solvable groups and quasiconformal analysis.

2017-2018: Sabbatical
Fall 2016: MSRI
June 2016-2022: NSF CAREER


WiGGD 2023 July 16-22 2023, near Yellow Stone National Park, Ashton Idaho

WiGGD 2021 Aug 1-7 2021, Glacier National Park, Montana
Junior Geometry and Topology in the Midwest Oct 26 2019, UW Madison
Junior Geometry and Topology in the Midwest Oct 13 2018, UW Madison
Spring Topology and Dynamical Systems Conference 2017 New Jersey City University Jersey City, NJ
AWM Research Symposium April 7-9 2017, University of California, Los Angeles
Junior Geometry and Topology in the Midwest April 22 2017, UW Madison
Young Geometric Group Theory in the Midwest November 1, 2014, UW Madison.


Daniel Levitin
Andrew Krenz
Yandi Wu
Micky Steinberg (Ph.D 2021)
Carolyn Abbott (Ph.D 2017)
Meng-Che "Turbo" Ho (Ph.D 2017)


I am the Faculty mentor for Girls Math Night Out! and the Directed Reading program.


Math 621 Introduction to Manifolds (Analysis III) Fall 2022
Math 552 Elemntary Geometry and Algebraic Topology Spring 2023

Math 851 Topics in Geometric Group Theory Fall 2021
Math 561 Differential Geometry Spring 2022

Math 341 Fall 2020
Math 761 Spring 2021

Math 765 Differential Geometry Fall 2019
Math 431 Introduction to the Theory of Probability Spring 2020

Math 542 Modern Algebra 2 Spring 2019
Math 751 Algebraic Topology I Fall 2018

Math 851 Intoduction to Lie groups Spring 2017
Math 376 Topics in Multi-Variable Calculus and Linear Algebra Spring 2017

Math 376 Topics in Multi-Variable Calculus and Linear Algebra Spring 2016
Math 851 Topics in Geometry Spring 2016

Math 375 Topics in Multi-Variable Calculus and Linear Algebra Fall 2015
Math 542 Modern Algebra Fall 2015

Math 752 Algebraic Topology 2 Spring 2015
Math 171 Calc with Algebra & Trig.1 Fall 2014

Math 217 Calc with Algebra & Trig. 2 Spring 2014
Math 171 Calc with Algebra & Trig. 1 Fall 2013
Math 751 Algebraic Topology 1 Fall 2013

Math 217 Calculus with Algebra & Trig. 2 Spring 2013
Math 747 Lie Algebras Fall 2012

Math 847 Topics in Algebra - Intro to Geometric Group Theory Spring 2012
Math 441 Introduction to Modern Algebra Fall 2011
Math 340 Elementary Matrix and Linear Algebra Fall 2011


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-A matrix model for random nilpotent groups [pdf]
(with K.Delp and A. Schaffer-Cohen) Int. Math. Res. Not. IMRN (2019) no.1

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