Math 827, Fourier Analysis


Instructor: Sergey Denisov, 623 VV.
Lectures:      MWF, 2:25-3:15 pm, VV B211
Office hours: Wednesday 1:25-2:25 pm and by appointment
Grading:        B             for participation
                        A or AB for doing occasional homework assignments

For all announcements (including HW), check the Canvas page of the course.


We will cover some basic material in harmonic analysis and then might do more advanced topics (random constructions in harmonic analysis, polynomial estimates, uncertainty principle).

Classical and multilinear harmonic analysis, Vol. 1, C. Muscalu and W. Schlag,
Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics, 137, Cambridge University press, 2013.

Additional reading:

1.  Harmonic Analysis: Real-Variable Methods, Orthogonality, and Oscillatory Integrals, E. Stein, 1993, Princeton Univ. Press.
2. Some random series of functions, J.-P. Kahane, Second edition, Cambridge studies in advanced mathematics, 5, Cambridge University press, 1985.
3. Polynomials and polynomial inequalities,  P. Borwein, T. Erdelyi,  Graduate texts in mathematics, 161, Springer, 1995.