Math 522, Analysis II




1st week (Sept 8-10) Convergence of functional sequences and series, uniform convergence.

2nd week (Sept 13-17) Properties of uniform convergence (pp. 147-153).

3rd week (Sept 20-25) Power series

4th week (Sept 27-Oct 1) Elementary functions

5th week (Oct 4-Oct 8) Stone-Weierstrass theorem, equicontinuity.

6th week (Oct 11-15) Midterm 1, equicontituity.

7th week (Oct 18-22) Compactness, criteria.

8th week (Oct 25-29) Compactness in C(E), contraction principle and applications.

9th week (Nov 1-5) Contraction principle, Fourier series

10th week (Nov 8-12) Fourier series

11th week (Nov 15-19) Midterm 2, Fourier series

12th week (Nov 22-24) Fourier series, Wiener algebra

13th week (Nov 29- Dec 3) Wiener algebra, multi-variable calculus

14th week (Dec 6-10) Multi-variable calculus, the inverse function theorem

15th week (Dec 13-15) The inverse function theorem, applications




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